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Static site or Content Management Site

Whenever you contact a web development company, you may hear about static web site and CMS (Content Management System) web site from a good company. So what is difference between Static and CMS based web site or which is good for you? To decide first question you ask yourself is whether I will be updating web site periodically (monthly or once in three months or ..) or Once developed there will not be any changes on web site for a long duration like may be for a year or twice. If your answer is updating periodically then go for CMS based web site. If you will be updating once a year or twice then static web site is good.

WHY CMS when static site development is cheap?

If you are going to update web site frequently then if you compare initial development cost plus cost of each update then in long term CMS is cheaper than static site.

In static site you have to pay initial development amount and then some amount for each time you ask development service provider for a update on web site. If you update web site 10 times (approximately) then your total paid cost will be same to CMS development cost. That means for each update after 10th update on web site you will be saving money if your web site is CMS based. In long term you will save lot of money.

Second important point is using CMS you can do changes on web site by your own and at any time. Thus you will not be dependent on service provider to update web site. If any update is urgent and you want it immediately on web site then it may not be possible if you are dependent on service provider. In case of CMS web site you can do the update immediately when you want.