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Location specific SEO

Site optimization for search that targets people in specific countries

1. Domain Name
Simple rule of thumb for search engines is relevance. In addition to keywords, title, H1 tags (among many more elements) and content, the domain name in which the country is registered also plays a factor.
For example, if you are in India searching for Web development Google is more likely to show you results from .in domains than it will the .com (USA) equivalent. Why? Google is trying to create relevancy between what you searched for and where you are located. It knows that most people would prefer to deal with website development company/sites from their home country.
So, the first step in targeting organic search traffic from specific country is to register a country specific domain. .CA for Canada, .IN for India, .CN for China.

2. Hosting Location
Now that we have a country specific domain name the next step is to host that domain in the country for which is being targeted. That means if a Indian audience is being targeted, then we should have the domain/website hosted in a Indian facility. Search engines, especially Google, look at location of hosting to further qualify relevance to the searcher in that country. Sites with an IP hosted in India will be considered more relevant to German searchers than those sites with American or Canadian IP addresses.

3. Google Webmaster tool Geotargeting

4. Backlinks from same country web sites

5. Local SEO using google places

6. Submit site to local directories